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Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg

Place of Origin Japan Germany USA
Certification Original Cerificate
Model Number STF304KVS4151Eg
Min.Order Quantity One Set
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Packaging Details Standard packaging
Delivery Time Within 4 working days
Payment Terms T/T
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Product Features

Tailor-made efficient assembly of Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg system
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc has years of expert qualification in assembly line design for assembly Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg technology. All assembly stations and / or assembly lines are specially designed and constructed in accordance with the specific requirements of the user. Especially for medium / high volume Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg assembly.
Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc assembly Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg technology system is a highly modular structure. Individual assembly stations can be combined with the corresponding midline line into a complete set of assembly lines according to the specific timing of the beat. The assembly station has been standardized in structural design, supply mechanisms and automation. So you can use a standardized structure of low cost to quickly achieve a composite assembly line.

For the most advanced assembly lines, only in the entire set of equipment have a logical and clear system interaction mechanism under the conditions of flexibility to deal with the ever-changing production Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg task or processing Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg requirements. The Distributor Bearing Wholesalers Inc assembly solution is suitable for all user specific requirements, ranging from fully automated assembly lines to semi-automatic solutions with integrated manual mounting stations. As early as the design phase, the digital design method and the equipment simulation method have ensured the best implementation of the scheduled process.
Extra-Capacity SEALED-CLEAN FOUR-ROW TAPERED ROLLER BEARINGS NSK offer higher load capacity with greater sealing performance while utilizing the Super-TF and WTF™ material.
Super-TF or WTF™ steel material
Newly designed Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg internal geometry offers wider cage diameter, increased number of rollers and larger rollers
Seals: New type of lateral seal, new bore seal
more compact main seal and seal holder design
Special helicoidal groove

Higher load capacity due to the newly designed Bearing STF304KVS4151Eg internal geometry and special seal
Bore seal prevents build-up of negative pressure that can cause ingress of water through the main seals
Super-TF Steel provides significantly longer service life under heavily contaminated operating conditions
WTF™ steel provides significantly longer service life under water and metallic contamination
Helicoidal groove to prevent creeping on the roll neck shaft
Sealed-clean solution significantly reduces grease consumption

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